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Financial statements are meant to identify, measure, and communicate information about an organization to interested parties. They can be prepared by your organization’s management, an outside vendor, or a CPA. Depending on the needs of your organization, you may be required to provide them to a creditor, regulatory agency, your owners and stockholders, or others that do business with you. Financial statements also come in handy if you’re selling a business.

When a CPA gets involved, it typically happens at one of four service levels: preparation, compilation, review, or audit. How do you know which service level is right for your organization? To help you better understand your options, here’s a quick look at the two services that we provide:

A financial statement preparation is the lowest level of service on the spectrum. Typically, your accountant will take your numbers and put them in the form of a financial statement. A preparation does not provide any form of assurance; it’s most often used for monthly financial write-ups, and it may or may not include a written report. A preparation is the simplest way to produce a financial statement. You could give it to a third party if you wish.

Like a preparation, a compilation does not provide any form of assurance. It does, however, include a report as well as the accountant’s name, giving it a higher degree of credibility than a preparation.

A compilation can be done in different presentations (e.g., a tax basis) and can omit certain disclosures and/or cash flow information, depending on your needs. In a compilation, your accountant will provide accounting and financial expertise to assist with the presentation of your financials but will not provide an opinion on the completeness or accuracy of them.

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